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Real Estate News August 31, 2001
Feds Boosting Privacy Protection Law Enforcement
The new FTC commissioner plans to focus on enforcing privacy protection rules. At the same time, reports Broderick Perkins, some consumer advocates complain that financial companies are not living up to the spirit of the new rules. FULL STORY->

How To Re-Finance With An Eye Toward Future Rates
Picking the right combination of rates, points, and programs is not easy when financing or refinancing. David Reed says that in a market where rates may head lower it can pay to consider still-another refinancing even when looking at loans today. FULL STORY->

Ask George: Questions From Consumers
Can rents be raised before the lease is up? How do you get title to property after someone dies? Should we tell sellers about a defect that has been repaired? Ask George! FULL STORY->

Moving Tips Ease Your Pain
Most us move within the same county or not more than 10 miles from our present home when we relocate. But some of us move much further, and there are several tips that can ease the effort of a long-distance haul. M. Anthony Carr explains. FULL STORY->

Market Ripens For Short Sale Option
If the economy flips your mortgage upside down and you try to right things with a "short sale," be prepared for a long list of caveats and some unexpected costs. Broderick Perkins explains. FULL STORY->

The Case For Borrowing Less
Consumers are often advised to borrow as much as they can, but lender Henry Savage says "no." A better course, he advises, is to look at your needs and preferences. Sometimes "more" will not be "better." FULL STORY->

Hotels Strong In 2002, Say Forecasters
The on-again, off-again lodging industry is set to recover in 2002, thanks to a likely uptick in recently-slashed corporate travel. You find less room at nearby inns next year, says Lesley Hensell, as companies once again expand travel budgets. FULL STORY->

Brick Rules Ontario's Cladding Market
Visitors to Ontario are often surprised to find whole communities where the housing stock is entirely brick. And demand for the low-maintenance material is so great, reports Jim Adair, that new manufacturing plants are now being completed. FULL STORY->

High-Tech Buildings Generate Old-Fashioned Vacancies
There are huge vacancies in the those new buildings dedicated to the telecom industry -- and more high-tech buildings are on the way. Lesley Hensell looks at the big promise of high-tech real estate and the bleak future which is now unfolding. FULL STORY->

How To Simplify Your Move
Moving is a big event. It's tiring, complex, and costly. Alan Heavens explores the lessons of a recent relocation and explains how to move with less stress. FULL STORY->

When Should You Sell Investment Property?
Buying and holding investment real estate are both complex, says Clifford Hockley. But in both cases investors need to acquire real estate with an eye toward a possible sale or trade. FULL STORY->

$25,000,000+ In Property Value Vanished In Alleged Fraud
The FBI, reports Lew Sichelman, is investigating a massive fraud case in which inflated appraisals and fake documents helped induce at least one funding lender to make more than $25 million in mortgages that turned out to be practically worthless. FULL STORY->

Getting the Most From Your Home Inspection
A home inspection is much more than just a formality -- it could be one of your best investments. Michele Dawson explains how to get the most from a home inspection. FULL STORY->

Are Canadian Backyards & Playgrounds Safe?
You wouldn't think of playground areas for children as being special sources of danger, yet statistics show that's the case. The good news is that simple, inexpensive steps can greatly reduce playground injuries both at home and in public areas. FULL STORY->

How To Age In Place
Alas, none of us are getting any younger. As Carol Ochs points out, as we age our housing needs will evolve. Is your home ready to age along with you? FULL STORY->

Monday Mortgage Review, 8/27
Interest rates rose a touch during the week -- not a lot considering Friday was strong on Wall Street and that during the week the Federal Reserve lowered short-term rates for the seventh time this year. FULL STORY->

Major Fee Dispute Goes Forward In Court
Should mortgage brokers be allowed to accept "yield spread premiums" or are such fees simply kickbacks? If a court rules against the industry, says Kenneth R. Harney, it may award as much as $135 million to 30,000 borrowers in a single case-- and set the stage for claims against other mortgage brokers. FULL STORY->

Architectural Control Committees: Do They Serve A Need?
Architectural control committees and their decisions are a common source of HOA conflict. Rather than being dictatorial, suggests Benny Kass, such committees need both clear guidelines and a strong measure of common sense. FULL STORY->

Borrowers Should Act Now, Analysts Suggest
Several industry commentators argue that now may be the best time to refinance. Could they be right? Lew Sichelman reports. FULL STORY->

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